Complete Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne

A professional mobile pre purchase car inspection is a series of preliminary key checks performed on different aspects of a used vehicle before it is purchased by a customer. K&R Autos Auto Inspections is a one-of-a-kind independent onsite car inspection service in Melbourne that provides affordable and reliable mobile car inspection services onsite. Usually, a pre purchase car inspection is performed mostly when the car to be purchased is used or from another city.

At K&R Autos Auto Inspections, we perform a detailed pre purchase inspection check for the car you plan to buy to evaluate every aspect of the car, including the mechanical, electrical, as well as the inner, exterior, and overall functioning of the car. A detailed report that our specialist pre purchase car technician provides after the inspection involves necessary information the client will need to be aware about such as accidents in the past if any, major repair works done, components replaced, and so on. This is done upon request of a client and would cost the client a minimal amount of money as compared to the cost of the vehicle. Several checks like the auto checks on the car engines, lights, brakes, steering, suspension, and transmission, etc are performed. Once the customer is aware of these issues, they can negotiate the total price of the vehicle.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection Melbourne

How Does a Pre Purchase Inspection Work at K&R Autos Auto Inspections?

  • Inspection of the car for scratches and paint damage: In many used cars, there are chances that the car might have scratches or dents. If the car has paint scuffs or scratches or the previous owner has done a poor job of getting the scratches repainted, a professional pre purchase car inspection service will bring it to your notice.
  • Inspection of electrical components: Our expert auto mechanics perform thorough car checks to ensure that all the electrical equipment such as indicators, power windows, foldable mirrors, and other electrical components are functioning properly. We also perform inspect the heating and the air conditioning system and the coolant and reservoir to make sure that the HVAC system is intact.
  • Inspection of the battery for leakage: We check the battery for any leakage during a pre purchase inspection service.
  • Inspection of any other issue: Through a test drive, our onsite car inspection specialists test for any unpleasant or uncommon noises produced while driving. This is to determine problems with the car’s suspension, brake pads, rotors, and other components.
  • Detailed inspection of the engine: If the engine misfires or produces any noise, the pre purchase inspection expert will be able to determine if there are any issues related to the engine. We can also perform corrective measures in our auto centre once you buy the car.

Is a Pre Purchase Inspection Worth It?

A pre purchase inspection is worth every penny. With a pre purchase inspection specialist, you can make an informed decision about your investment. A professional mobile pre purchase inspection service in Melbourne can ensure that the money you spend in buying a car that is inspected, is a smart investment. K&R Autos Auto Inspections is a one-stop service centre for onsite pre purchase car inspection services near Melbourne and the neighbouring suburbs.

Professional Pre Purchase Car Technician in Melbourne

K&R Autos Auto Inspections has evolved as the most sought-after mobile pre purchase car inspection service in Melbourne. In addition to providing detailed insight into the car’s maintenance history, we even help you with ways that help you to complete the legal transaction of the car to your name, as well. Call our expert pre purchase technicians in Melbourne today to know more about the cost of pre purchase car inspection done to the used car you are looking to buy. Get your free quote right away!